Sustainable Responsible

Responding to the growing demand for responsible and sustainable product is as important to us as we know it is to our clients and their customers.

PNI Tuff acknowledges our environmental, social and economic responsibilities when it comes to sustainability.


Sustainability pledge

We are always trying to do our part, whether it is continually adding innovative recyclable and degradable products or looking at new ways to reduce our carbon emissions with international and domestic freight. We pride ourselves on building products that are fit-for-purpose to eliminate unnecessary wastage.

PNI Tuff is a proud signatory of the Australia Packaging Covenant, and we understand that being a sustainable company is a journey not a destination. We recognise that improvements can always be made in everything we do.

It's up to all of us to preserve our planet and fortunately in this advanced age, there are ways to minimise environmental impact while attending to the necessity of quality, food safe packaging.

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Environmental responsibility

Caring for the environment is a commitment that extends from our facilities across all our divisions, through to the products and services we offer.

Our facilities and offices around the globe are continually searching for ways to reduce our environmental footprint with solar, wastage and water reduction schemes designed to make Australia and the planet a cleaner place for all.